The Future is Hemp

For millennia, our ancestors utilized Hemp. We’re simply carrying on the tradition.

Agriculture enhanced by innovative technology. Organically grown &
ethically sourced

We’re building India’s largest hemp ecosystem.

Agriculture Research

We employ unrivaled research to discover optimal cultivation methods and develop seed strains for fiber, grain and medical crops.


We grow alongside our farmer friends. Therefore, we cultivate hemp through FPOs and collaborations with capable farmers, offering them a 100% buyback guarantee.

Machinery and Process Development

Our team develops and upgrades machinery for fiber and seed processing. We also Implement intelligent eco-friendly processing methods for in-house product manufacturing.


We believe in hemp’s ability to improve a range of industries, that’s why we manufacture hemp-centric products for a range of industries such as personal-care, nutraceuticals, healthcare, and hemp textiles.

Developing the infrastructure for a sustainable & accessible hemp ecosystem one brand at a time.

Satliva Logo

Satliva - Truly Fresh Truly Hemp

Crafting only the purest hemp seed oil based personal-care products, all freshly made on order. In our factory and our products, you’ll find no trace of chemicals, artificial fragrances, additives, or disregard for the environment.

Satliva Logo

Greenleaf Bioplastics

With the help of advanced modern processes and technologies, we create durable, functional, and versatile hemp bioplastics that are a sustainable and practical plastic alternative. Ensuring our raw materials are harvested ethically and sustainably further reduces our environmental impact. 


Sustainability, luxury, and comfort converge at Vijayavastra. Here, we craft the most functional and desirable readymade hemp consumer textiles. They’re soft, strong, and made for every occasion. 

What do we do? How do we go about it?

This is how we improve life and living conditions through hemp.

Smart Regenerative

To optimize national agricultural activities and inch further towards our vision to create a sustainable hemp ecosystem, we’ve employed AI, ML, and blockchain to enhance smart regenerative agricultural methods. This helps us increase profitability, amplify crop yield, enhance biodiversity, and improve soil health.


We develop state-of-the-art and high productivity machinery to process hemp raw materials. Hemp seed oil expellers and hemp fiber decorticators are two of our patented innovations that help us enhance our operations while improving the quality of our products.

Innovative Consumer &
Industrial Products

We specialize in machinery and process innovation. Our efforts towards developing efficient, eco-friendly, and energy economical machinery that is seamlessly paired with technologically aided process innovation, helps improve the hemp infrastructure for us and all our partners.

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